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Full Automatic River Cleaning Ship

1.Full Automatic River Cleaning Ship is suitable for work in rivers and lakes with simple and easy operation. The gathering work for floating rubbish can be easily controlled through pulpit buttons in operator cabin. Its front, middle and back gathering cabin work very well with each other and it can work stably under continuous operation.

2.The ship is adopted horizontal-cabin style drive. The stern shaft has high precision water lubrication sealing device, thus it will not produce any oil leakage during operation process; the engine is used high-performance DEUTZ 226B type marine diesel engine with low noise, and emission can reach Euro ¢òstandard fully complied with the requirements of environmental protection. During the control process of water pollution, at the same time it will not to increase any other pollution, pollution control but not cause pollution.

3.Full Automatic River Cleaning Ship with wide gathering range can drag and collect water peanuts in rivers into tablets and tablets with high gathering efficiency.

4.The whole cleaning process including gathering, salvage, filtration and unloading will be carried out full automatically. Its high work efficiency is equivalent to dozen times of artificial salvage ships.

Main Measurement
Total Vessel Length 16.0m
Total Vessel Width 4.1m
Total Vessel Height 3.3m
Vessel Body Length 10.0m
Molded Breadth 3.6m
Molded Depth 1.3m
Draft (Light Load/ Full Load) 4.5m
Load Displacement 0.6m/1.0 m
Carrying Capacity 28.8t
Algae Water Tank Capacity 10t
Engine Power 75kw
Working Navigational Speed 8km/h
Transfer Navigational Speed 15 km/h
Passenger 3p
Endurance Ability 24h
Drive Mode Propeller